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Title IPF Japan 2020 (International Plastic Fair) [10th IPF Japan since 1994]
Date October 6 - October 10, 2020 5Days
Show Hours 10:00-17:00 (Last day 16:00)
Venue Makuhari Messeaccess
*1 Hour from Tokyo Central Station
Organizer International Plastic Fair Association
Scale Exhibitors : 778, No. of Booth : 2,438 (Gross 54,000sqm.) *2017 result
Visitors 43,676
*2017 result
Entrance Fee

Free for pre-registrant through IPF Japan web-sight

JPY¥1,000 for on-site registration (Good for 5 days)
Cycle Once every 3 years
Exhibits Raw Materials, Machines, Molds and Services relating plastic and rubber production
1.RAW MATERIALS & ADDITIVES Raw materials, Additives, Colorants, Purging Materials
2.MOLDING MACHINES Injection Molding Machine, Extruder, Blow Molding Machine, Thermoforming Machine
3.PARTS & COMPONENTS for MACHINES Cylinder, Screw, Nozzle, Heater, Hydraulic/Pneumatic Component
4.MOLDING RELATED ANCILLARY EQUIPMENT Take-out Robot, Dryer, Mixer, Mold Temperature Controlling Equipment
5.SECONDARY MANUFACTURING MACHINES & SUBSIDIARY MATERIALS Printer, Welder, Cutter, Surface Pretreatment Equipment, Deflasher
7.MOLD & DIE RELATED EQUIPMENT & MATERIALS Mold Parts, Hot-runner, Mold Processing Equipment, Software for Mold Design
8.RECYCLING & WASTES TREATMENT EQUIPMENT Shredder, Sorting/Separating Equipment, Volume Reduction Equipment
9.FACTORY FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT Air Conditioning System, Deduster, Clean Room
10.SEMI & FINISHED PRODUCTS Parts for Automobile, Electrical Appliance and Medical Industry, Sheet, Film, Rubber Product
11.PROCESSING & MANUFACTURING Molder, Prototype Manufacture, Mold Maker
12.MEDIA, PUBLICATIONS & SERVICES Journal/Book, Industry Body/Trade Association